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When a hic-file or header file is marked as selected, Chic considers that file a part of the current project. It will thus parse that file for declarations, use those declarations to match lookup, etc. When a directory is selected all the files with a hic-suffix or a header suffix in that directory are selected.

A file can also be marked as ignored. Then it will never be selected regardless of whether the directory is selected. Analogously, in an ignored directory none of the files are selected. Ignoring a file always takes precedence over selecting it. That means that if you mark a directory as ignored but marks a file in that same directory as selected, the file is still ignored.

You can also select a subtree of the file system by selecting a directory and the number of subdirectories to descend. All the hic-files and header files in those subdirectories are then selected.

In addition you may specify a start level below the directory at which to start selection. The files in the selected directory have level 0. So if you have your code spread out in the directories /src/code1, /src/code2, /src/code3, etc, you can select /src with a start level of 1 and the number of directories to descend equal to 1.