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Nov 12, 2004: Chic for Linux 0.9.1b is released.
New features: Context dependent completion, Reverse engineering

What's Chic?

Chic is a new source tool for the C++ programming language that eliminates the need to maintain separate files for header and implementations. You can write a full C++ component in a single file and leave it to Chic to split it into conventional C++ files. This drastically reduces the amount of maintained source code when writing modern C++. Up to more than 40% code reduction can be experienced when converting a conventional C++ component to Chic C++.

What's more?

Among many other possibilities Chic let's you automatically put private data outside the class ("pimpls"), thus making it possible to modify them without affecting client code. With a single mouse click the private data can be toggled between being out-of-line or being inline as in conventional C++. This reduces time consuming recompilations as well as bugs related to incomplete recompilations.

Can I use it?

Chic is compatible and integrates seamlessly with traditionally written ISO C++. As Chic generates normal maintainable C++ files it does not expose your project to any risk. If for some reason you would want to stop using Chic you can switch back to conventional C++ whenever you want.

Get it!

A beta version of Chic is out for testing on Linux. It can be used directly from standard editors such as X/Emacs and Vim so that you don't need to change your current work habits. Chic also comes with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. You can download Chic from our download section. If you have questions please join the mailing list or contact us.